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Selling Your Startup

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Author Alejandro Cremades
Publisher Hassan Agmir
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Pages 286
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Selling Your Startup

Learn how to sell your startup from an acquisition expert

Many entrepreneurs dream of the day their company is acquired and they secure a perfect exit. But information about the process of getting your business acquired usually comes from expensive investment bankers who typically advise late-stage startups.

In Selling Your Startup, serial entrepreneur Alejandro Cremades delivers an accessible guide on how to sell your startup. With first-hand experience as a fully exited entrepreneur, investment banker, and lawyer, Cremades describes the tips and tricks startup founders need to sell their early-stage to growth-stage business.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The role that investment bankers play in the acquisition process, how they add value, and how to break down their fees
  • Preparing your company for sale, including compiling a pitch book, putting its finances in order, and building a target list of potential acquirers
  • How to get to a Letter of Intent, perform due diligence, and reach a purchase agreement

Perfect for entrepreneurs of all kinds, Selling Your Startup is a must-have roadmap to the practical realities of company acquisition and contains proven guidance on crafting your perfect exit.

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