#186: Notion for Web Development Teams

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

I’m a big fan of Notion, particularly for keeping teams in sync. I work on teams of developers, and I find it works particularly well for that. If I had to sum it up really quickly, I’d tell Notion is for collaborative documents. But that undersells it.

In this video, I take my time explaining what Notion is and how I use it so that you can really understand it. This is the first a series of 3 videos on Notion for Web Development Teams. We get into these core concepts:

  • Notion is documents. You build any sort of document in Notion, from what you might think of as a Word or Excel document, to TODO lists, to publishing calendars, to mood boards.
  • Notion is teams. Notion works great alone too, but it really shines when you have a workspace with everyone you work with together as a member.
  • Notion is planning. Half the work of development is keeping everyone on the same page, splitting up the tasks, and making sure things are properly agreed on. There are all sorts of ways to do project planning, and you could do any of them in Notion, but my favorite is a list of projects with a home document for the process, then a kanban board that details out the tasks and statuses.
  • Notion is work. This isn’t a side tool or a distraction. Working in Notion is the job.
  • Notion replaces other apps. That’s not really the goal, it’s just the reality. You might not need the Google suite, Asana, Trello, Todoist, Bear, Things, etc, because Notion is so powerful and flexible it’s nice to have it all under one roof.

Have fun with it and I’d love to hear how you make use of Notion on your teams.

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