Andrew Berkowitz on company culture, customer acquisition, and the art of improv in business

Programming - Apr 19, 2024

In our latest Cloud Four Spotlight, I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Berkowitz, a seasoned entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success in his career. From founding TeamSnap to navigating its growth, overseeing various roles, and eventually moving on to his current venture, Suggestion Ox, Andrew brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table.

We covered a lot of ground in this interview – from finding customers and pricing your product to building a company culture built on trust and how improv is a skill you need to have in your professional toolkit. He reminded me that all of life is improv, and it’s good to get comfortable with the reality of not knowing. He’s almost convinced me to take a class. (Who’s with me?? Hit me up!)

This interview was longer than I anticipated, but I just couldn’t cut out any of the excellent content. So! Here are some links to the relevant topics:

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