Cloud Four’s Core Values

Programming - Apr 19, 2024

When Cloud Four was founded back in 2007, the founders set out a vision for the type of company they wanted to build. This has set the tone of the company since then, specifically as we’ve grown and added to our team.

While those guiding principles helped light the way, we felt strongly that it was time to develop clear and concise core values. These should describe who Cloud Four is today, how we approach our work, and what it means to be a part of our amazing team of craftspeople.

These core values give us a framework for day-to-day decisions and describe the identity of our company. When we encounter a fork in the road, these values gives us a lens through which to view the issue and find resolution in a way that keeps our teams productive and fulfilled.

Without further ado, our core values:

We believe in the web as a unifying platform to provide access to information for all people of all abilities. Our small team routinely has an outsized impact on the world through our work on the web.

The advice we give our clients is the same we would give our close friends or family. We value transparency and honesty, even when they may result in less work for us. We cultivate our expertise by welcoming new information, questioning our assumptions and adapting to change.

We believe web development is a craft, and we approach our work as skilled craftspeople. We hone our craft through our work and use it to build a better web. We constantly seek the best way to build an inclusive and performant web.

We collaborate openly and intensely with each other and our clients. We consider ourselves life-long learners, welcoming and valuing new information and feedback. We give back to our community by broadcasting the knowledge we gain. We share early and often, avoiding the surprises that come when we hold information back from our team and clients.

Work isn’t always the most important thing in our lives. No matter how large our aspirations are, we all have family and friends whose needs come before work. We plan our projects to avoid the stress of typical agencies, and reject “startup insanity” so that our people can have sustainable work lives. Crunch times, while they will happen, are considered failures of planning and leadership. Working excessive hours is unusual and highly discouraged. We hold our team and our clients to standards that encourage a balanced, healthy and full life.

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