Create Amazingly Stable Tests Your Way — Coded and Code-Less

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

Testim’s end-to-end test automation delivers the speed and stability of AI-based codeless tests, with the power of code. You get the flexibility to record or code tests, run on third-party grids, fit your workflow and tools including CI, Git and more. Join the Dev Kit beta to start writing stable tests in code.

About Testim

At Testim, we too are developers and testers, striving to release quality software faster. We built Testim because writing stable end-to-end tests was just too hard. We were the first to build an AI-based functional test automation solution. Since we launched in 2014, we’ve been adding features, improving quality, and proving our solution with customers every day.

Create tests your way

There are two ways to create tests in Testim — record them using the Testim Extension or code them in your IDE. Actually, there’s a third and recommended approach for those who want to code—record the test, export it as code and modify it in your IDE.

When you record a test, each UI action leverages our AI-based platform to analyze the DOM, weigh the attributes associated with an element and create Smart Locators that uniquely identify elements. If attributes such as the color, class, text or location of an element are changed by development, our AI will still be able to uniquely identify the element so that your test doesn’t fail.

Customize tests

Testim has many features built into the visual test editor to help you customize your tests such as validation of text, email, PDFs, or conditions and loops. You can also insert JavaScript into any step so that you can handle nearly any UI situation.

If you are into JavaScript, you can also export your test as code and customize, debug, or refactor it your IDE; the choice is yours.

Execute your cross-browser tests

When your tests are ready, you can run on-demand or schedule a test run within Testim. We also make it really easy to run your test following a CI action. Tests can be parallelized and across all browsers on our test cloud or any Selenium-compatible test cloud.

Report results

Regardless of how your tests were created (code or codeless) when they run, you will see the results in Testim so you can troubleshoot. If you find an application defect, our bug capture tool makes it really easy to create a bug report, complete with screenshots, video and the test steps to recreate it. Pop it into Jira or Trello to submit your report in minutes. Our reporting shows test run history, including managerial reports so you can show all of the great work you’ve been doing and that releases are ready to ship.

Testim is the fastest way to create your most resilient end-to-end tests, your way—codeless, coded or both. For more information go to

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