Donating the proceeds from Responsive Field Day

Programming - Apr 19, 2024

Our core mission for Responsive Field Day was to put on an event that would benefit the Portland tech community. That mission drove every decision we made including what to do with any money we made.

We decided early on that any proceeds we made would be donated to programs that support open web technologies, the tech community and education. But we didn’t know what program to donate the funds to.

We’ve finally found the right organization! Log Camp

Log Camp is is a not-for-profit school providing technology education and career training for low-income, minority, and foster youth in the Portland Metro area.

Log Camp has launched a holiday campaign to provide laptops for underserved youth in the Portland area. Many of us at Cloud Four remember our first computer and the large impact it had on our lives.

Therefore, we’re donating the proceeds of Responsive Field Day ($3,157.50) towards Log Camp’s holiday campaign.

We want to thank all of attendees and speakers of Responsive Field Day for making this possible. And we encourage you to donate to Log Camp and support its efforts.

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