HTTPS is Easy!

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

I’ve been guilty of publicly bemoaning the complexity of HTTPS. In the past, I’ve purchased SSL certificates from third-party vendors and had trouble installing them. I’ve had certificates expire and had to scramble to fix them. I’ve had to poke and prod hosting companies to help me ensure things were going to renew correctly, and left unsatisfied.

But I’d say in the last few years, this has really chilled out. CSS-Tricks went HTTPS around five years ago, so we’re well past any struggles with insecure content or anything like that. These days my host (and sponsor) Flywheel makes it a flip of a switch in their admin, so it’s entirely no-brainer. The things I have on Netlify are automatically HTTPS. I also tend to put Cloudflare in front of everything, because of all the flip-switch security and performance things they offer, mostly for free. HTTPS is just getting a lot easier.

The name of this blog post is the name of this little microsite project from Troy Hunt: HTTPS is Easy! It’s a four-part series of five-minute videos walking through the process of adding enterprise-grade security to a site quickly and for free with Cloudflare. It almost feels like an ad for Cloudflare, and I couldn’t care less if it is, but Troy says:

[…] this isn’t a commercial activity on my behalf; Cloudflare didn’t engage me to create this and it’ll come as a surprise to them the first time they see it.

It really is easy and free, so I feel like I’m doing my duty here in making up for past complaints about HTTPS.

Part of what helps me feel more confident is minimizing the number of setups I have for different things. All my WordPress sites are on Flywheel — they aren’t scattered around, so I don’t have to learn multiple systems. All my deployment is through Buddy. All my domains are on a single registrant, so what I learn in managing one domain is useful for all of them. All my sites run through Cloudflare, so I feel confident in my management skills there. This kind of consolidation is good at keeping my stress levels low.

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