Netlify High-Fives

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

We’ve got Netlify as a sponsor around here again this year, which is just fantastic. Big fan. Our own Sarah Drasner is Head of DX (Developer Experience) over there, if you hadn’t heard. And if you haven’t heard of Netlify, well, you’re in for a treat. It’s a web host, but for your jamstack sites, which means it’s static hosting, encouraging you to pre-build as much of your site as you can, then use JavaScript and APIs to do whatever else you need to. Heck, they’ll help you build serverless functions and auth.

Here’s a couple of Netlify-related things swirling around in my life.

  • I added open authoring to our conference site. So now, anybody can go to the admin area, auth with GitHub, and submit a conference. No coding required. Dream come true, if you ask me. The same thing is live on the serverless site.
  • I enjoyed Bryan Robinson’s take on jamstack in 2020. It’s about the connection between services and the power that brings.
  • It’s interesting how even not-particularly jamstack-y software like WordPress can totally live a jamstack life, when you combine it with something like Gatsby.
  • I have a new microsite idea cooking. I really wanna build a site that showcases all the things you can (and probably should) be doing with your build process. It will explain them and provide resources, but the whole site will dogfood itself and do all those things. Stuff like:
    1. Process all it’s code, keeping compiled code out of the repo
    2. Build a sitemap
    3. Optimize all the images
    4. Check for broken links
    5. Run accessibility tests
    6. Check the performance budget
    7. Run unit test
    8. Run end-to-end tests
    9. Run visual regression tests
    10. Trigger notifications

Wouldn’t that last one be cool?! We’d do it all with build plugins, at least that’s how it works in my mind. If you have a strong desire to contribute, lemme know — maybe we can make it a community effort.

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