The 3 Laws of Serverless

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

Burke Holland thinks that to “build applications without thinking about servers” is a pretty good way to describe serverless, but…

Nobody really thinks about servers when they are writing their code. I mean, I doubt any developer has ever thrown up their hands and said “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait just a minute. We’re not declaring any variables in this joint until I know what server we’re going to be running this on.”

Instead of just one idea wrap it all up, Burke thinks there are three laws:

  1. Law of Furthest Abstraction (I don’t really care where my code runs, just that it runs.)
  2. The Law of Inherent Scale (I can hammer this code if I need to, or barely use it at all.)
  3. Law of Least Consumption (I only pay for what I use.)

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