The Popeye Moment

Programming - Mar 31, 2024

Frank Chimero is redesigning “in the open” and we should pay attention to it because (1) we should listen to anything Frank has to say because he’s a great designer and writer and (2) working in public is awesome.

But the gut punch for me in this opening article is the way Frank pulls zero punches on the state of design writing:

Design isn’t alone in its lack of quality content—the web, by and large, has become a dumping ground for garbage. Most design content has become poor quality, surface-level content marketing that does more damage than good, because it offers over-simplified, misinformed perspectives dressed up as guidance. One hardly gets the sensation of lived experience and professional acumen in the words. When the experienced don’t write, grifters step in, feign expertise, and sell it.

Heck, I’m gonna incorporate that into the guest posting page right now.

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