Programming - Mar 31, 2024

There are plenty of rank tracking software tools out there that allow you to track the position of your website inside the search results pages (SERP) of search engines for certain key phrases. However, these tools are definitely not enough when you are trying to aggregate search results programmatically.

This is exactly what Zenserp enables you to do: The REST-API lets you to retrieve search engine result pages in JSON-format for search queries of your choice. There are countless use cases where this might be useful. Just to name a few:

Rank tracking of your own website or startup

Check your website’s rankings for your most important keywords on a regular basis and see if your SEO campaigns are actually working. It also allows you to check how your rankings in the SERP vary from country to country.

Building Highly Customized SEO Reports

You are building custom SEO reports for your clients? Then you will need a lot of flexibility when it comes to data aggregation and displaying the aggregated data. Our API is just what you need to build highly customized reports that meet the expectations of your customers

Using SERPs as General Data Point for Data Aggregation

When tweaking around with the search queries, there are plenty of useful and valuable data inside the SERP. Since they come in JSON-format, you can automatically feed into your business processes.

Zenserp offers a free plan with 50 monthly API requests for basic use cases. Paid plans go all the way up to enterprise level to support larger projects with high request levels.

The API supports most modern programming languages and comes along with a search request builder that helps you to get started. Also, Zenserp offers a free consulting service, in case you need any help to integrate the service.

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